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Happy Kids was conceptualized by Timothy and Christa Langolf, an architect and an interior designer. 

It's difficult to remember our perspective as children, but we are familiar with the desire to explore new things, delve into our imagination, and make the most out of our spaces. Our goal is to bring back that magic into modern kid's furniture so that your kids have more than just a bedroom — they have an adventure.

Each product in our homegrown business is designed to be a bonding experience between you and your little angel. 

We are a family-run business based in Texas. Our passion for kids, interior design, and furniture draw inspiration from our own experiences as children and as parents.

Everybody Loves Happy Kids


I loved shopping with my mom for my new bed here because there were so many exciting things to choose from! Mom also got me new curtains to go with my bed!

Abby, 11 years old

Company Goals & Values


Parent-Friendly and Competitive Pricing

Reliable Child-Centered Design

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Excellent Customer Service

Direct & Immediate Fulfillment